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Experienced full-stack developer.


I have, together with talented people at various companies I worked and consulted for, delivered successful software applications for business use to small businesses, corporations, government agencies, startups and more. To create the best solutions, I follow a detailed analysis process for determining a project's requirements and coming up with a design that satisfies them before writing code.

The web apps and enterprise solutions I develop are typically implemented using Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) or Spring Framework. I use SQL-based relational databases for data storage, and view technologies such as HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Facelets for the applications' user interface. My skill set also includes the following:

  • Implementing RESTful and SOAP-based web services.
  • Mobile apps development in Android.
  • Designing and implementing desktop GUI apps using Swing and the JavaFX toolkits.
  • Managing popular relational and NoSQL databases such as MS-SQL Server and MongoDB.
  • Setting up and managing infrastructure (both on-premise and Cloud).


1. Support Engineer

Influx Inc
2014 - 2016

Worked directly with internal teams to provide technical support for leading technology, eCommerce and WordPress companies in the US, Australia and UK.

2. Software Developer

Invent Consulting Ltd
2016 - 2019

Implemented various enterprise systems, custom software solutions (web, mobile and service-oriented applications) in the insurance and financial industries.

Featured Work and Play

I have worked on several and different types of projects, both personal and job-specific.

Below are some notable projects I have developed or been a part of.
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